100% Nature @ Bhutan

Surrounded by forests, wild life there captures your imagination, makes you think twice, as territory here is still very virgin.

The spring flowers are blossoming wherever you look, rivers are flowing with crystal fresh snow water melting from above the snow-capped mountains. The glaciers bring millions of litres of fresh water to Bhutan and the Kingdom reigns with fresh air. You stand still in time, looking up and taking a deep breath. You know you are in another world.

Trekking in a bright valley, nature is impressive, wide open, wet marshland in the fall attracts a rare crane, and in the spring a dry trekking ground with some creeks. Nestled in the inner Himalayas at 3000 metres above sea level, Phobjikha is a wide alpine wetland valley considered the largest and the most significant wetland in the country.

The valley is the most significant wintering ground of the rare and endangered Black‐necked cranes in Bhutan and has been protected since time immemorial by the local people’s traditional respect for all living beings.

Every year, some estimated 300+ cranes migrate to Bhutan where they spend their winter months in this valley. Additionally, the highly revered Gangtey Monastery that overlooks the wetlands surrounded by farms and natural pine forests makes Phobjikha a stunningly beautiful and sacred valley.

The Annual Black-necked Crane festival is celebrated in the courtyard of Gangtey Gonpa, an occasion for the locals to rejoice and celebrate the arrival of this endangered and majestic bird which becomes an inseparable part their daily lives during the winter months. The festival begins on November 11, 2014.


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