“Royal Stone” |Sharp|

If you are an amateur, or a professional and interested in a high-grade quality kitchen tools, you’ll need to invest in some stones. Pictured are three; two natural and one synthetic. The largest stone I use to clean my knife and get the surface clean and any nicks out.

The grey stone I use only to keep my other stones level and flat so my sharpening surface is always level. This is key to getting an evenly sharpened knife and try not to lift your knife blade when sharpening or you get a rolled edge.

The last stone is my “royal stone”, it costs $,$$$ as it is natural and this quary has finished. The stone is the highest grade in terms of grit, it over 10,000.

If you look closely at my blade, you can see a micro sliver of finer caught on the blade. This knife is sharp and helps achieve micro cuts in the kitchen. Don’t forget, a micro cut gives you the ultimate in flavour extraction.