Intelligentsia Coffee.Venice Beach

No this is not Venice Italy, it is Venice Beach California, made in the USA. We were recommended a coffee shop on Abbott Kinney, a hip place with a twist. The cashiers are the barristas, a select group of funky coffee junkies, they take the orders and then walk over to their machine and press out a coffee.

At least it seemed that way, our barista seemed a little stunned (not pictured here), when I asked for an iced espresso coffee, (an espresso over ice) he wasn’t really sure about the glass, or how much milk, or ice to use. Rightly so, a good barista wouldn’t get turned on by the idea of making an ice coffee, but in America everything goes.

The barista (pictured below) had a good grasp of what he’s doing, he measures 18 grams of ground coffee, he finishes with 35 grams of liquid coffee, and he brews at 9/bar, but the brewing temperature seemed very high at 121°C.

What I liked is, he tasted and tuned the grinder explaining his trade and the importance of the timing and the passage of water through the portafilter. What he forget to mention is pre-infusion, something I like to do. Little did he know, I own a strada machine, a custom-built machine-made by La Marzocco. Fully adjustable in every sense of the word, I twist of a paddle, I adjust my pressure, and flow of coffee extract.

I found the visit to intelligentsia interesting, a coffee concept that caught my attention, the staff are informative, and seem well-trained even if they tamper their coffee very differently than I do. This coffee shop is a customized production coffee shop that make a concerted effort to be serious, and the question is how serious are they?…I am not too sure.