Maude L.A. – Part I

I am not sure why the restaurant is named Maude, or if it matters. I like to remind readers, I am not a food critic, I somehow dislike writing about restaurants because it involves a dissection of parts. In many cases the parts are not worth dissecting but in this case they are.

Maude is a restaurant owned by a famous chef, a Television celebrity chef we were told by the table next to us. I have never heard of the chef, nor did I bother to pay much attention to who he is. What matters is the quality of the ingredients, and over all experience.

Since I arrived in Los Angeles, I discovered some good food experiences, something I wasn’t sure about. The American food scene is often too dressed up over-large portions that stuff anyone, and by overly friendly servers, trying too hard to please. In part, people here like to have their “ass kissed”, and the other side of the coin is business is competitive, and good service warrants good service charges.

But that’s not the point at Maude, their service is very good, the maitre d’hotel is a young bearded, bow tie clad, double-breasted jacket, an east coast gentlemen. He has plenty of experience and fits the groove at the restaurant, stepping in as sommelier. The wine list is offered on chic hand-made paper and delivered to the table in an envelope.

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