Shrimp Cocktail|California

Shrimp and other shellfish are among the most common food allergens known to man. Some religions forbid the eating of shrimp, and according to the Old Testament, it unacceptable to eat shrimp. The reasons are unclear, perhaps as known as bottom feeders and eat a junky diet to some.

For the most part, shrimp will feed on plankton living near the surface of the water. Also, baby shrimp will eat many types of sea plants, sometimes seaweed, as long as it’s small enough for them to ingest.

As shrimp matures, they seek out small worms they find under the water, and sometimes they will feed on a certain species of shrimp, known as mud shrimp. Another popular food of choice for shrimp is small shellfish, however, they eat what they can find. Saltwater shrimp eat decaying animal parts such as snails, clams, and fish and some species of shrimp are cannibalistic and eat each other.

These days many shrimps are farmed, but they are grotesque and many Asian breeds have fallen to disease.
In Los Angeles at the Bel Air, the shrimp cocktail has advanced to another level, from the traditional glass parfait on lettuce to a plated version with the red and white sauce.

Whenever you decide to eat shrimps, it is advisable to clean the digestive track, which runs the entire length, it is known as the “sand vein” and is yucky. These shrimps were properly cleaned and are likely fresh from the Californian coast.


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