ToThalassaki Octopi

Octopi, the supposed plural of octopus; deimatic behavior beneath the pelagic waters, ἀπό/apo/σ̑ημα/sema/ the dark ocean floors and rocky crevices, become shadows of a chef’s imagination.

These days too many chefs are limited by their own imagination and lack of spontaneity. When you go to Tinos the exact opposite is true, that is if you visit ToThalassaki. After a short boat ride from Mykonos new harbor, we landed in Tinos. The drive along the shore takes you to a small port where the restaurant is located.

A long-awaited trip to return to ToThalassaki, one of our favorite cycladic restaurants and definitely our favorite female chef. A visit to Tothalassaki isn’t a visit without taking the time to talk with Aris, chefs husband who is instrumental in sharing Adonia’s vision.

The potatoes, the rocky crevice, the deimatic tomato, the slow cooked octopus is sensational!