Beet Recipe Cells

What can you do when you have the same summer vegetables over and over again. The answer is look for new ideas, ways to please your friends and family. I decided to make a cold soup, and I apologize for such mundane recipes but this is not the point of this post.

I am sharing this due to the fact that processes is important and most recipes do not emphasize the importance. If you take beets and apply heat at the wrong time, the color will change. This comes back to the simple scientific cells structure. The cells are elastic and contain color, pigments and the cytoplasm is inside the cell’s wall that holds proteins, sugars and in some cases mature you have vacuoles which contain chlorophyll, energy for plants.


When plants are heated and/or exposed to acid, and in the case of green vegetables, the magnesium gets removed from the center of the ring structure and replaced by an atom of hydrogen. This results in a change from chlorophyll to pheophytin and the color changes from bright green to olive-gray.

In the case of Beets, if you play around with emulsification you can alter the colors that would otherwise go from red to brown, or from brown to red. It is all a matter of trial and error and so test it yourself.