Eric Jacquier /Lac Leman/

Eric Jacquier is a passionate and exciting man who puts his love of fishing serving thefish of Lake Geneva. For Eric, he starts every night at 02:25 when the alarm sounds within in twenty minutes later he is raising his nets.

For many fish good fish in the right place, especially since we are dealing with this ancient glacial lake, the largest freshwater reserve in Europe. He knows, by example, the Swiss territorial waters, which represent two-thirds of the lake, have flat bottoms that attract pike and perch.

The trout are numerous Swiss side, because that is where lies the largest number of river mouths. Conversely, the French side, it is more favorable to fera, the bleak, or the noble crayfish and char who appreciate the rocky present between Saint-Gingolph a joint Franco-Swiss, straddling the border and gravel Meillerie.


Fish quality is precisely the obsession Eric Jacquier and he supplies some of the finest chefs in the France including Marc Veyrat, Emmanuel Renaut and Michel Rostang in Paris.

Starting with the star of Lake Geneva: Arctic char are the finest of them all. Captured alive it is immediately placed in a board the boat pond. Killed at the last moment to prevent it from being stored too long on the ice that could stiffen and its very delicate flesh burn.

Whitefish, however, is one of the most abundant fish in the lake but whitefish does not support the heat as it tends to soften. This is why the best whitefish is the winter when the water does not exceed 4°C.

But most importantly is how you cook it. These fish cannot be over cooked, or like most fish, it’s a disaster. It does happen but the key to avoiding over cooking is by using a salamander and not an oven. In order to cook it to perfection, not too much dry heat should be used, or the fat dries up and the meat is sec. Alternatively you can bag it, “non sous vides” in a water bath and the end result is delicious.

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