Valais Apricots 2014

The cultivation of apricot trees is an old tradition in the canton of Valais Switzerland with 98% of Swiss apricots coming from this region.

Driving over the mountains with heavy rain we stopped to buy some local Valais apricots. It’s hard to believe that with the number of cold, cloudy and rainy weather days they prosper, but the apricot is weather hardy and seems to thrive here.

The three most popular varieties are high blush; bergeron, vertige and harogen. The bergeron is one of the best looking fruits, it was our first and only choice, it has a very nice blush to the outside of it, and once you bite it, you’ll get the full extent of the sweetness.

These apricots need to be eaten the same day they are picked and if kept too long, they become mushy, a terrible taste.