Flocon de Sel @ Summer

The restaurant at Flocon de Sel is worthy of the drive and a stay over night. It is adorned by three Michelin stars and it deserves it.


The chef Emmanuel Renaut and his wife Christine are the perfect couple. They host guests each night graciously in their mountain setting that is magical. Non pretentious, hard-working and almost always smiling, they are both committed to very hard work.

This photograph is after a long and early morning of mushroom picking with plenty of rain and mud and hiking through the local forests.


The fresh summer air, the low clouds, green trees and a valley that is stunning add to the summers charm. Intermittent sunshine breaks through and makes it a twilight experience. The weather is expected, mountain weather; rain, sunshine, wind, sunshine and rain and green rolling hills with clouds that whisper into the valley. The scenery is a cross between many mountains peaks we have visited, and the fresh air and cool breeze, the contrast makes you take a second breath.


The garden surrounding the hotel is small and just right for the chef given he uses many wild herbs and flowers. The restaurant looks out over the garden and the valley and the hotel’s manicured wooden structures and red flowers make it feel like an exotic botanical garden.


The light and shadow creat a sleepy mood, an omnipresence of nature and relaxed air of feeling laid back. I had the feeling you are in another time and space as the daylight reflects a perfect mood as you sip vieux chartreuse.


In the kitchen the chef works very quietly as he commands a brigade of many chefs. The kitchen is immaculate and the staff have a deep respect for the chef – he is kind-hearted.


If you can drink, here is the place…..