Fonsalette 2001 Ch.Rayas

An awesome wine, it has the power of the southern Rhone we think of when drinking the old Rayas. The history of the Reynaud family at Rayas started in 1880 when a notary from the Avignon area Albert Reynaud became deaf when he was 45 years of age and was forced to change profession and bought Chateau Rayas.

His son Louis inherited the property. Of course Louis had to arrange the future for his two sons. For the oldest son Bernard he bought another property Chateau des Tours in Sarrians in 1935. In 1945 he also purchased vineyards located in Lagarde-Paréol.

The wines from here was made at Rayas and after the death of Louis his youngest son Jacques inherited the two estates, Rayas and the vineyards for Fonsalette and was the owner of Rayas and the brand Fonsalette from 1978 until he suddenly died in 1997. The fact that Jacques had no sons to take over his estate, his nephew Emmanuel was the successor.

The wines haven’t changed so much and are still very well made and have the character of the terroir.

(98 Points)


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