Denis Martin – Part I

The idea of molecular cuisine has somehow fizzled away but for some, it is still their canvas to create. Our view is that molecular cuisine started and finished with El Bulli, his genius, food science by using taste to connect molecules in strings and balls, a web of food in a fascinating non-traditional way.

It all starts with Tiki, a sweet Swiss pellet-shaped effervescent candy that produces a sort of effervescent lemonade. The concierge at the hotel mentioned Denis Martin, a Swiss chef, a molecular genius he said, and I wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not. He went on to describe it as a show and you shouldn’t miss it.

Intrigued we had a burning desire to try his food and so we thought we were on but the restaurant was closed for holidays. Sadly there was no indication when he would return, but our luck changed so a table was booked for 3.

I wasn’t quite sure what to think when I walked into the dinning room. It is dark and the ambiance a little like a kitsch winter chalet with plenty of colors from the 1980’s. The colorful dishes reminded me of the Quilted Giraffe a restaurant operated by Barry Wine an ex-lawyer turned chef. The fascination of his restaurant still echoes in my mind.


I needed a drink to loosen up and get comfortable, I felt I was in for a ride. Waiting for my wife and our guest to arrive I was getting anxious for the demonstration.