Beyti Istanbul Restaurant

Arriving to Turkey’s Istanbul, we drove directly to restaurant Beyti located in its own building in Florya, a well established residential neighborhood. The setting is classical and you feel as if you are in another place and time. It’s here that when you think meat, you think Beyti’s tradition since 1945.

Oddly the restaurant’s setting is almost beside the airport, a /7/ minute drive and we were there. Entering the restaurant we are greeted by the maitre’d hotel, and offered the option of a garden seat or a place inside where you’ll find a cozy environment.

As a member of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs we couldn’t help to notice the abundance of paraphernalia. The passage from the entrance to our tables is inundated with glass cabinets of visitors cards, and masses of souvenirs – a museum of collectables.


Comfortably seated in the elegant garden, white tables cloths, and service extraordinaire, we sipped an excellent bottle of Turkish made wine, one of our favorites.


The almost perfect lush garden setting where limes and pomegranate gives you the impression you are surrounded by nature.


Seated at the garden’s side, the service is impeccable as waiters circle the table to offer Turkish hospitality. We ordered assorted meat specialties that are served in intervals with their creamy mashed potatoes.


On the table you’ll find their spice named pulbiber, which is aleppo pepper a capsicum spice used in Middle Eastern cuisine.


The desert was rice pudding a fantastic finish to a glorious lunch and thanks to our dear friends who proposed we go there :-).