Giancarlo Rodello /Butcher/

If you drive to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele you’ll find a butcher named Giancarlo, a “red rover” I call him, dressed in his red coat, he works likes a doctor. The shop is immaculate and he doesn’t over display meats, in fact just the opposite as he keeps most of his meats whole and kept at low temperatures.

When you walk into his shop the lights are dimmed, and the it has the feel of a quiet place, as if you just walked into another dimension of time. He serves some wonderful Piedmont beef, and other animal products that are simply sublime. We had the pleasure of buying some Pata-Negra fat from the infamous black pig, a slab of 10cm of pure fat, commonly referred to as lard. We sliced it and tasted it; it has a rich long mouthful that coats your palate.


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