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I am not a food critic, I am a food lover and don”t enjoy writing bad reviews about any restaurant given how difficult it is to operate a food business.

When it comes to Antica maybe we didn’t give it a fair chance because if you ask locals many adore this restaurant. I asked several chefs and most thought it was a creative kitchen and had something good to say about the chef.

We decided to hire a car to take us on the ride thinking we would have an eating and drinking feast, and the contrary happened.

The cuisine is not two star, sorry this is barely one star and probably the Michelin inspector hasn’t taken the drive there in a long time. The interior decoration is just nothing to speak about, the restaurant has these horrible carpets and paintings all by the same artist, fruits and flower depictions, a kind of faceless impressionism.


The amuse bouche was salmon rolled with creamed cheese, shrimp on savory shortbread pastry, and balls of fassone that looked like they were made from leftovers. Who serves salmon in such a remote place, and anyway salmon unless its wild is repulsive. If its wild then why waste it with creamy cheese.


Well you could say, “so what about the food, so what about it”? The cuisine was both bordering terrible and euphoric, at least one of the dishes I tasted caught my attention. It was a Gorgonzola pasta filled with a sweet hint, ravioli di gorgonzola dolce e mostarda di pere. This was incredible, a kind of dish that gives you the impression this kitchen was once a place to visit. Don’t look too carefully at the hair in the dish, it happens.


The other food and the truffles were unripe and the cuisine seemed very heavy and made us think twice about Michelin standards. The website of Antica Corona Reale has nothing to do with the look of the cuisine.

I cannot understand how a two star Michelin can use such mediocre unripe truffles, these were almost tasteless and were amongst the worst we tasted during our ten-day stay there.


The worst part of the evening was the cooking of the Fassone, it had a 1cm grey part on the exterior of the meat, which signifies the cooking was overdone, exposed to heat for too long and it greyed the meat.


The ending seems sad for such a historic restaurant and somehow I wish I hadn’t been recommended to try it.

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