Sola Paris /restaurant/

Sola is clearly a talented chef Hiroki Yoshitake, perhaps a little too much window dressing but never the less his cuisine is balanced and delicate, flavorful and lasting. I was impressed although I was in Paris and fed up with the idea of classical French cuisine.


The first dish reminded me of quintessence in Tokyo, some kind of fromage blanc, it was creamy as expected and shallow in taste yet enough cream to catch your attention. It is obvious that the chef has plenty of practice and it shows but I started to think he is a copycat, or is he?


The next dish was a combination of small amuse-bouche and this looked like a snake on bark even though it was a mushroom made from a melba toast type bread filled with mushroom farce. It was cool, not in bad taste and very textural and easy. I wonder if all this decoration is enough to impress clients and it seems so.


Chef Yoshitake can cook and he’s talented, so there is no question that “window dressing” is more about the current trends and demands of the marketplace. The next dish was perfect, no fishy taste and it had a good intense flavours, not frivolous in any way, he’s just a purest.


Here comes the set of the dishes and you can see and judge for yourself, meticulous complex layering and excellent results with choice flavors.