Alba’s Angry Truffles /restaurants/

I’ve been going to Alba and the surrounding hills for almost twenty years, and I rarely get bored with the region, or encounter angry truffles.

In the fall the truffles are flowering underground and knowing where to eat makes a difference. Too often, a pico magnatum is the main focus, and the excitement of a traveler leads him/her to getting over charged.

Tourists get taken advantage of, a kind of seasonal affair though this is almost exaggerated all over the globe and not just here. The main difference is where are your truffle coming from and it’s almost impossible to guarantee what and where they’ve been hunted, unless you go yourself.

Despite my last review of Ponzio, I re-visited their shop and tried it with a new slate and thought they are doing a much better job this year. Their truffles are DOP (Denominazione Origine Protetta) which doesn’t exist really but should. I saw some amazing truffles at Ponzio, high quality, impeccable raw material – bravo!

P.zza Umberto I, 20
12065 Monforte d’Alba (CN)
Tel. +39.0173.787156
e-mail: enotecacaffè


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