Crusty Pain Français

If you ever eat that delicious bread in Paris, a loaf that seems to be made with a mother instead of dry or wet yeast, you may have been fooled. The key to this bread is the flour, water and the fermentation process.

When you make bread, you need to rely on the gliadin and the development of the gluten’s structure and via autolyse, the Greek words meaning “self” and “splitting” refers to the destruction of a cell by its own enzymes, or “self-splitting”.

In baking, this means that enzymes in flour amylase and protease begin to break down the starch and protein in the flour. The starch gets converted to sugar, and the protein gets reformed as gluten.

So the secret is the petrissage and the autolyze, including the 48 + hours of fermentation gives you the optimal crust.