Kaki Fruit Dried

There are few fruits I adore as much and there are few fruits as complex. Kaki trees typically do not bear until they are 3 to 6 years old and when they do, it’s magical. A sacred fruit kaki has been cultivated since a very long time.

This is not the dojo Hachiya kaki, which was presented to successive shoguns, and one of the most highly priced brands. The best fruits with good color and shape cost as much as ¥1,000 per piece. When seeing the hard work involved, you’ll no longer think these prices are too expensive.

The dried fruits are not a past time of fruit growers, these Kaki are harvested with the intention to be used as such. All measures are taken to protect this fruit and the processes are painstaking.

Growers remove all but one fruit on each branch, so now you begin to understand the complexities of harvesting single fruits.

This fruit was purchased at a local market and is handmade by locals and are not professionally harvested and dried. These are sold domestically, not quite the same quality as dojo but almost as tasty and sold with very good intentions and a warm smile.