Steak Technique /52ºC/ Liran

In order to cook steak it is simple:

Step 1. vacuum the steak cold in a sous vides bag
Step 2. place the steak into a water bath at 52ºC for 50 minutes.
Step 3. remove the meat from the bag and dry the surface and
maintain the meat until ready to serve.
Step 4. use a slightly oiled pan, and sear the meat starting with a low temperature and raising the flame slowly just enough to color the meat at an optimal temperature of 140ºC.
Step 4. once the meat is colored, take small amount of mirin, pour two+ tables spoons into the pan, tilting the pan so the liquid does not touch the steak, and the liquid’s alcohol evaporates.
Step 5. don’t allow the evaporated liquid to go too far (or it will burn) and turn the meat in the evaporated liquid (which is mainly sugars) to coat the meat.
Step 6. season the meat with pepper, salt and whatever seasoning you wish.

Note: If you season the meat in advance of searing the beef you risk burning the seasoning and creating bitterness. While some people salt in advance there are many debates about the right time. I do not salt in advance given it can draw juices (H2O) from the beef, and any liquids in the pan can boil the meat’s surface or interfere with searing. The searing will not begin until the liquids mostly evaporate. The searing process is complex (yet simple) once you get it. Bottom-line, the reason I salt at the last-minute is to control the amount of salt that engages the palate given the salt doesn’t penetrate the meat’s surface.

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