Spaten Optimator \Beer\

The Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu is a brewery in Munich, Bavaria, Germany owned by Anheuser-Busch. Its products are beers of the brands Spaten and Franziskaner. The Spaten is most unusual with a dark sweet plump taste. The classic German dark beer, bottom fermented “Doppel Bock” shows a full bodied rich roasted malt flavor.

Double bocks are often described as “liquid bread.” Indeed, some of the ones we tried we so thick and hearty that they could have been a meal unto themselves!

This lager beer comes from southern Germany, and the name itself might either come from the town of Einbeck or from the German word “bock,” meaning a male deer or goat.

Most double bocks are typified by malty and nutty flavors and have low hops that affect bitterness. Depending on the specific beer, you’ll get notes of caramel, nut, coffee, or even some fruit. They can range in color from light amber to dark brown, and often have a higher alcohol content than regular beers.


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