Exotic Lobster – video

The Philippines and its 7,000 islands provides an ideal environment for all kinds of marine life, including many species of lobsters. Lobster, an expensive item, is known locally as banagan. Although an ancient species, new species are still being discovered, with a major find occurring in the Philippines in 2007.

In 2007, a wildlife expedition by the Panglao Marine Biodiversity Project found a new species of more than 1,200 varieties of lobsters and crabs-known as decapods-off Panglao, a small Filipino island. The same year, a new species of lobster was found off Luzon, another Philippine island. This lobster, Dinochelus ausubel, was so distinct it was placed in its own species and genus categories. Recognized by its large, long spiny claw, Dinochelus ausubel is commonly known as Ausubel’s mighty claw lobster.

This lobster is tropically colored and similar to the spiny lobster from the Mediterranean. I took off the tail and used the head by reducing it with beurre blanc. Then I added some vermouth and finally chef Bruce added some cream and tomato.



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