Mark’s Toro – Taku |sushi roll|

This is one rolls you don’t find outside Japan. The toro taku is a roll /cut/ based on daikon, shiso, goma and tuna, often a cut of tuna that is not prime. The taste is unusual with a slight bitterness from the shiso, and a crunchy sweet takuan and goma adding some flavor, and lastly the richness of the tuna and the crunchiness of the seaweed.

The Takuan is simply Japanese /daikon/ radish root dehydrated and cured. The first step of dehydration is key to remove the water which makes up 95%+. The daikon is then buried and under a mixture of salt, rice bran /nuka/ sugar and kombu. It is fermented or better known as pickled and then ready to be used.

The end result is the lactic acids in takuan helps aid digestion and is one of many tsukemono served in Japan after the principle dish.


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