Alex Klinec|Medana Slovenia|

There aren’t too many like Alex Klinec, a young Slovenian wine maker, restaurateur and prosciutto producer, or are there? In fact in the region, the hospitality rages as a principle ingredient of the neighborhood.


I had a chance to meet Alex and spend some time with him and he is amongst the very generous in the region. Sitting down upstairs is a shade more relaxing than enjoying barrel tasting in his cellars.


He produces a delicious local ham, and you can easily see he enjoys the good life. At Alex’s osteria you’ll find the very essentials in life: good wine, cheese, ham, and his warm heart and friendly ways.


A visit to his cellars is an experience as he dodges back and forth taking care of clients. There is no doubt that he’s both busy and attentive, an energetic guy with a serious passion for what he does – a must visit on a sunny day.


I enjoyed tasting from his barrels and the 2011 pinot gris was one of my favorites.