Virgin’s Breast |Sambucca|:-( 1725

We couldn’t help to pass through sambuca once an Arab town, and it proves that all cultures have passed through sicily one time or another. We stopped for a coffee and discovered the virgin’s breast, a cake shaped like a breast, the owners smiles when I joke about it. The cake weighs like a lead weight, and I am not kidding. It is filled with almond and creme and made with chocolate and pumpkin milk – not the best cake I’ve ever tasted :-(.

It is claimed that this cake was made in honor of the marriage between don pietro beccadelli the barone di salinas and Marchese della sambuca in 1725.

Note: sambuca di sicilia until 1921 was named Sambuca Zabot. It was founded by the Arabs in 827, but settlements on the area are recorded since the coming of the prehistoric Elymian and Sican peoples. From the 13th century onwards, it saw a remarkable urban development.