Josper Upclose

I often wonder how anyone can buy a closed steel box with rolling shelves to cook meat. I mean the Josper isn’t a typical BBQ. At a cool price of $15,000 you get a very well made metal box that has heavy-duty hinges that can easily hold an elephant. But the problem is the cooking with a Josper requires you to open and close the door, loosing heat and cooling down the meat at the same time.

Further more, the idea of using charcoal is not as important as the charcoal itself. Cooking with charcoal in a closed chamber is complex and maintaining steady heat is difficult. Imagine each time you open the door, the oven cools down and steaks suffer.

The idea of a sliding shelf is not as practical as it seems given you have numerous steaks lying face down that require turning. This step further hampers the process of cooking and causes the steaks to get cooked unevenly. My view is there are better options when it comes to cooking meats and the Wolfgang Puck salamander technique is still amongst the best.


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