Detail Chef \!!!/

Why is it when you ask some chefs what about the details they get lost? I can’t get out of my mind a conversation I had with a Greek chef (this summer) while I was explaining to him the importance of details. His response was, “you cannot enjoy food because you see only the details”.


I have been thinking about that statement and maybe he’s right but maybe he’s wrong. It all depends on what are your priorities, and do you eat to enjoy, share, learn, nourish or have satisfaction. When I eat, I dissect for a reason. I am not interested in food per say as an event, I am interested in food as a process. For many people food is an event, a place, time and circumstance. I live in Asia because I live in details and realized that it’s those very minutia, processes and techniques that give more depth to the overall experience.


I can eat to fill my stomach almost anytime – but Mesubim is all about details like it or not.