Part I Chronicle Raw Milk – video |Velden Train|

After almost a week in body de-tox I was ready to travel onward in a new journey. After a four-hour train ride through the countryside I finally figured out why the Austrian trains are so slow. The reason is they like slow, no just kidding. The farmers are preserving their countryside and so no fast trains. It makes good sense as you feel like it, this is slow but very sure.

Standing in the train station the sun finally broke through the clouds after a week of rain, and no wonder that the countryside is so green. I am standing in the station breathing the fresh air, something we all forget to do. My wife encourages me to breathe, we all forget to take those deep breaths.

The train tracks are right there, I mean right there, and if you aren’t careful you could easily be swept away in the draft of a passing freight train. I stand near the white line as the train approaches and I hold tight. Cr


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