Part II Raw Milk Chronicle |Vienna Mayr|

Arriving in Vienna I catch a cab to my hotel, a cool place, maybe too hip but definitely a good standard and an awesome room.

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Vienna is an edgy town and today there is rain and plenty of it. I walk the street to find two things, wine and cheese, no not really. I just spent a week at de-tox in the Austrian countryside at FX Original, a well-known treatment for re-balancing the body – something I recommend for anyone. But at FX Mayr original they mean business and unless you are anorexic (which I am not) you essentially enjoy potatoes and broth. I perhaps exaggerate but not about the broth. The cuisine is all about sustainability and good quality life and by the way there is no raw foods except sprouts.

After lunchtime and in the evening you are served broth for dinner. The idea is to rest the digestion. Unlike the Viva Mayr in Maria Worth, here they are strict about the intake of solids, and certainly you won’t find any salt shaker on the table like you do there.


There is something to be said about the Austrian countryside and the healing effects. The air is pure as can be and the lake water is drinkable as I am told by my taxi driver and this summer it was 28 degrees. I asked him did you swim in the lake and he replies, my pool was 32.

The only thing is you need to used to hot summers, a rainy fall and a cold and snowy winter and polar bears couldn’t survive here because it’s too expensive.