Part III – Raw Milk Chronicle |Sonnentor|

The only journey I made outside of the Viva Mayr was to Klagenfurt, a small not sleepy town some twenty-five minuyes away from Viva Mayr Original. This day was like all other days and it was raining. The idea of a parking place is like finding a needle in a hay stack when it rains. I waited twenty-five minutes for a parking space and I got a ticket for staying too long. In Europe parking times are not like in the USA or in Japan where you can stay for as long as you like – here it is limited.

My journey to Klagenfurt was to visit one of the shop of one of the finest bio producers in Austria named Sonnentor, after the owner. The shop is larger than I expected and the range of products is exceptional. Sonnentor works mostly with local producers in Austria and directly with farmers.


They also work directly with the farmers around the globe and import the finest raw materials I’ve seen on the market. The spices are amazing and the colors of the spices speak for themselves: the deep brown and vibrant green shine through the package.


I am at the shop for two hours or more checking the full range of products and I find a homemade seeds bar – it is awesome. Made from seeds and nuts and fruits, vegan Muesli Brickett wrapped in old-fashioned brown wax paper it isn’t easy to open but its excellent.


There is no doubt that Sonnentor is worthy of a car ride and I am anxious to re-visit their shop in Vienna to see if there is anything I missed, and buy some more muesli brikett.