Part IV – Raw Milk Chronicle |Vienna Muesli Brikett|

Vienna is a walking town and there is lots to see. I am on a mission and I need to get some more Muesli Brikett – so I am off by foot. I couldn’t help (after almost a week) to find a shop that sells Unenlich by Pichler, one of my all time favorite Austrian white wines.


I walk into Vinothek nearby the church and the prices are what I expected 180 euro and so I contemplate and call my friend in Toronto to see if he has it – he does.

I now get back into the rain, my iphone navigates me perfectly to the Sonnentor shop. Inside it is busy and I am on a mission to find my muesli brikett for my long journey overseas and muesli seems to fit into my new diet.

It sounds silly but I was de-toxing and I need to ease back into society or you explode. Inside the shop I see a gentlemen in an apron and I gently ask his help as he replies I don’t work here but he is keen to help. I show a photo of the muesli brikett and he has no idea. The shop employee sadly says, we are a franchise shop sorry we don’t sell this product”.


Sadly I was left with false hope and the gentlemen who tried to help me said, “if you like cheese I have a shop across the road” and I replied “I cannot eat cheese but I can come and look” which is what I did initially.

A-4600 Wels