Part V – Raw Milk Chronicle |Der Schweizer|

So what do you do when you walk into a cheese shop?…you eat cheese. But this cheese shop isn’t just a cheese shop, its a Swiss cheese shop selling cheese from Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The owner is definitely Swiss and the shop is named Der Schweizer.


My first thoughts were no cheese and I resisted and opted for a glass of wine. This small cheese shop is small and the owner Andrzej Koch is a character to say the least, and a nice generous and passionate and a specialist of raw milk cheese Käse (cheese) as we say in German, not that I speak German.

I had to set things straight with the owner and made it clear, wine only and if, I mean if I taste cheese goat only. In fact the last time I tried the Viva Mayr treatment they served goat cheese. Goat milk is easier to digest and its included. I did take it one step further and visited the local farmer selling goat cheese to Viva Mayr named Nuart.


The first glass of wine provoked my interest in the cheese shops wine keller, or should I say shelf.


The wines were very good and the white from Tschida is a little tart but matches the cheese perfectly. Andrzej offers a bottle that had been opened for a while so I suggest a new bottle – and it all begins


The cheese that matched this wine was the sbrinz, one of the best hard cheese you’ll ever taste. It has been produced and sold as Sbrinz since 1530. Out of the 30 plus dairies that currently produce Sbrinz AOC only about ten work in the mountains, and this is a mountain cheese produced by the chief of search and rescue in the mountains. This cheese is 24 months of aging and is almost crunchy, yet rich smooth long and flavorful.