Tiger Part IX – Territory – videos

The tigers we said good-bye and our last outing in the early morning was more scenic and not a tiger drop to be seen. We chased the alarm calls and watched the sun rise but nothing more than a beautiful forest-jungle to view. The setting is picturesque and the idea of being in nature calms your senses and your sole purpose is to see tigers.


The tigers do mark their territory and often fight with their mother and or father in the struggle to keep their own kingdom. Oddly the tiger cubs are set away at the age of 22 months after being cared for and taught all the tricks of the jungle. But later on, it all changes and each tiger is solitary and in charge of their own space – they fear very little.


Tigers are bloody confident and only imagine their size and casual behavior as they are surrounded by alien objects, such as us in jeeps. It all boils down to one thing, a tiger is one of the fiercest and largest cats on this planet. They can reach 350kg + and their confidence levels are astounding as you see from the videos. The video above was pictured by my wife and its a rare video with a tiger spraying the trees and marking their territory.


The landscape felt like a jungle with monkeys jumping over head and exotic birds flying overhead. Any visit to see tigers in India should be very well planned and it requires some knowing the right people in the right places. We were lucky to see 7 tigers as that’s not common and wherever people asked us, “how many tigers did you see” they would astounded by our viewings.


We worked hard by waking up at 05h00 and being prepared for our morning trips through the forest-jungle. The road leading to the park became familiar and we crossed this body of water and this small archway each morning and afternoon.



The flowers glistened and the water was very still. I managed to get down the small stone wall to the dam’s topside and make a small video. The video shows the sparkle of the morning light. What is doesn’t show is the danger looming right beside me, a crocodile sleeping in the sun and warming up.

The water buffalo is a symbol of life in India and you feel the respect India culture has for mother nature. I did find it soothing to see cows strolling wherever they wish. It sounds strange but the scared cow is part of the discipline of caring for, respecting animal life. This transcends throughout the culture and each person living in rural life cares for their own cows.