Beef Japanese Style

Japanese beef isn’t aged really in comparison to the ideology in the west or better still in New York. My wife was telling me a story about Steak revolution, a movie she watched on the plane. I am not a movie goer, I walked out of Star Wars to go to a wine shop, after a friend asked if I could help him.


Japan is second to none when it comes to quality and there is no competing with imported meats, the farmers realize that quality is the future. But don’t expect to find the best steak without committing to eating steak on a regular basis.Don’t expect to eat a steak without paying a high price because Japanese beef is rare, and best served rare. At Aragawa in Tokyo, the premium steak house in Tokyo, they cook meat so many ways your fingers (10) get sore thinking about it.

See Aragawa:

When it comes to the primal cuts in Japan that’s about all they serve, so expect oily sirloin or tenderloin. But not all the fat in beef is as bad as you think.

Health in Beef:

Now imagine that sirloin in Japan varies greatly from farmer to farmer, and the consistency all depends on the quality of the restaurant. On the high end of the story, consistency and supply iof top meats is as difficult as finding top domestic tuna, and finding the center cuts is like finding a needle in a haystack.