Prada de Meuron |not food|

So many tourists are thrilled to see Prada’s design by de Meuron, a Swiss based architectural firm working worldwide. I passed it so many times and admired it but today the light was perfect to photograph it. This is exactly as I saw it, no filter, or editing to the photograph. The fascination of the glass structure is well described by the architect: The shape of the building is substantially influenced by the angle of incidence of the local profile. Depending on where the viewer is standing, the body of the building will look more like a crystal or like an archaic type of building with a saddle roof. The ambivalent, always changing and oscillating character of the building’s identity is heightened by the sculptural effect of its glazed surface structure. The rhomboid-shaped grid on the façade is clad on all sides with a combination of convex, concave or flat panels of glass. These differing geometries generate faceted reflections, which enable viewers, both inside and outside the building, to see constantly changing pictures and almost cinematographic perspectives of Prada products, the city and themselves.