Mr. T. Sushia San #1

I’ve been eating sushi almost as long as I am born. That’s not true but its been over 35 years, since Sasaya when sushi was a new ideology in the Americas. It was new for most but for some it was a Japanese food, normal to enjoy in Japan and hard to find outside. When I think of sushi, I think of the fax, an invention I first discovered in Tokyo. I recall a friend telling me it would change the face of communication and it did. For those savvy enough they could easily understand it was the beginning of change.

It was 35 years ago I met Mr. T, he was in his 30’s, a young yet difficult sushi chef with his own ideas. Today he is in his sixties yet still very “genki” and able to ride his motorbike to the Tsukiji 5 days a week to buy his fish. I admire him and understand the changes he’s experiencing in Japan. I love the way he works, his set up and his general sense and ability. His sushi is what it takes to be great, unpretentious and to the point.