See it = Taste it … Ouch Sushi !!!

The idea of seeing food and tasting it is a common phenomena in Japan and has been for almost 50 years. Since I can remember plastic foods were on display and for a good reason. In the golden days, and still today but less today, consumers were well-trained in food aesthetics, and had a good idea about how they wanted their food to look and taste. There is no doubt looking good means tasting good.

Now that’s easy to say and most chefs miss the point. The creation of any dish is always easier on paper but in reality, it all happens in a split second. The idea of control over production is why a chef has a pass and checks every dish that goes to the dinning room.

Below are sets of photos, the same identical fish just from different chefs. You can easily see for yourself the difference. In case you have any difficulty, look at the details; i.e. texture, style, color, cut, shape, form, presentation, etc. When it comes to food, it’s those little details that make the difference and not only the obvious mistakes of a chef.

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IMG_1735 3IMG_1373
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