ToThalassaki Tinos Memories Summer 2015

Memories of the summers @ Tinos. The air is hot, the windows are down, we smell the wild flowers and herbs as we drive to Ormos Ysternion, a bay where you find Chef Adonia and her Husband Aris operating a small taverna.

The day is typically windy and the fish is fresh caught from locals, something harder and harder to find. The sun shines through the kalami tops, and the warm air changes into a cooling breeze cools, as people drink and settle into their comfort zone.


The tables hand painted add a soft touch to the already perfect setting. It reminds me of the way Greece was 35 years ago, when people enjoyed the beach and a salad and a beer. A casualness that put Greece on the map is fading with trendy restaurants and hopping clubs. But here it is authentic because the chef Adonia is nostalgic, and Aris is using a watchful eye making sure he does his best to make clients feel at home.

A trip to Tinos and a car ride to ToThalassaki is a definite must. The idea of garden fresh vegetables and fresh fish with the sparkle of the Cycladic waters. In the distance you see the ships pass and looking beyond the shadows of the island Syros. /bravo/