Musk Melon Perfection Japan


I am asked by some many visitors whats the difference between Japanese melon and those grown in Mexico or elsewhere. The answer is simple if you look at the two photos and observe the skins. The melon is sold based on their appearance, and well defined melon skin web that covers the surface like a net. This indicates the maturity growth and care of the melon during its lifetime.

In terms of sweetness I can assure you they are complex in taste, elegant and deep in taste and nothing to compare to American melons, South American or European melons grown for the masses. In fact these musk melons are one per vine, whereas most vines have 5 or more fruits per vines and are grown on or at ground level and get unripned on one side.

The Japanese musk melons are grown with the utmost care suspended from the ground and are certainly near perfect – so ask yourself what you would pay for perfection.

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