TITVS Grinding

The worlds finest customized coffee grinders are sold by Frank Durra from Germany, a serious level fanatic about what he does, and he does it like a top level pro. I have spent time investigating the grinders Frank produces over the past month and I am very impressed.


You won’t find anyone who devotes the time to perfecting coatings and finishes of all parts, and the parts he uses are truly amazing. You can check them out yourself by searching him on the internet. The website: http://www.titus-grinding.de/ is not up and running due to a lack of time and possibly due to the fact that they are sold out. Frank’s grinders are in very high demand all over the globe but he still makes the time to communicate his vision.

The burr for grinding is finished in different types of treated coatings and polishes as seen below.


The burr fits into a cup made from high 2,400 series stainless steel and finished in his titanium coatings.


Franks work is all in the details as he is very specialized and prefers to define his works as near perfection, and it is.

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