Glow Davos

Chef Armin Amrein is diligent and he moves swiftly in his small Hugentobler kitchen tucked away within, and behind a furniture selling Vitra. During a brief visit to his kitchen after dinner, I talked with him about the Hugentobler’s “hold-o-mat”, a kitchen tool that I own. We agreed it has limited applications, yet some chefs love it for slow cooking ossobuco over night.

Armin uses some of the finest raw materials available and searches them via a mutual friend, artisan Freddy Von Escher in Zürich. Freddy has been supplying the finest chefs and is the second generation. He is strict and obsessive about his work and the Pyrenees milk-fed lamb he supplies Glow is superb!

The menu at Glow is based on Armin’s small course solutions, and as clients select from a range of courses and prices, and if that’s not enough, he offers a page with his signatures dishes, pictured below.
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The cuisine is not 100% mountain inspired and the dishes are delicate, inventive, and mixed. The first amuse was his version of sushi presented on a small model of Verner Panton’s vitra chair, and while it had little to do with actual sushi, it was bordering the line of trying to speak about form and function.


The chef works hard, he has a serious side with a long culinary history having spent 32 years in a Bürgenstock Resort and good sense to stay committed to what he believes in, not too old-fashioned cuisine, yet not too modern and he spoils his guests at Glow by Armin Amrein.


While I am not a real fan of molecular kitchens, I can swallow some spherical foods even though I find them nonsensical nowadays. There is no doubt the chef has an atmosphere that is more casual than before, and he seems to be very happy about his way of life in the kitchen. The cuisine is very nice and his staff’s friendly approach makes it all worthwhile.

Restaurant Glow
Promenade 115, CH-7270 Davos Platz
T: +41 81 416 43 43