A Squids Life In Japan

You’ll find on a trip to Greece or Italy or even in the waters far away from Polynesia many varieties of squids. I have tried some 10 species but there are another 300 species or so. Squid has two sets of legs with 4 legs on each set.

This squid below is sumi-ika as you know it in the west as sepia, a smaller version of squid and more appropriate for sushi in my opinion. One fish, one body and one bite. The first photo is geso, the squid’s tentacles and the sauce used is not tare per say even though it is, it has a specific name, amadare, or tsume: http://mesubim.com/2016/01/13/geiso-tsume/


Today I enjoyed it with fresh shiso (the leafy minty green herb) that adds another dimension of taste. It is combined with some sea salt instead of nikiri the glaze that is brushed on sushi (by the chef) just before serving.