Curry Power

Never underestimate the power of curry and for those who are used to chicken curry in Japan, just forget it. But that’s not to say, for those who have never ventured to India, the Japanese have homogenized curry into food that is as common place as sushi:

Curry culture is similar to sushi culture, it’s has been interpreted and reinterpreted thousands on times without a good cause. Searching the net, I found Wolfgang Puck’s recipe for northern chicken curry and I was thinking to myself, why is he offering recipes on Indian cuisine. I always thought he was the Californian Austrian guru who trained in classical French cuisine and later evolved into an American celebrity chef. It goes to show that chef credibility goes a long way even if he has no real idea about Indian cuisine.


Whenever you eat curry outside of India there is no doubt those very changes introduced by foreign chefs become more apparent to anyone who has visited India and tasted authentic chicken curry: