Le Cirque Rilettes New Delhi

La Cirque in New Delhi, where you’ll find Chef Martinelli working away with a smile of a chef that is passionate and dedicated to his kitchen life in India. I was stopping by Delhi for a quick over night before heading to the Altaysk region to investigate nature’s wild side.

I popped into his kitchen, and found Diego preparing a rilettes made from duck leg. The passion and hard work of chefs is often overlooked by their clients who rarely understand the amount of work that goes into preparing foods. He douses the duck with its own fat after rendering it and straining it to remove all the impurities.


Cooked at 90°C for 16-hours in duck fat rendered at low and slow temperatures, the duck’s legs are finished with chef’s hand work by adding some fresh dried herbs, salt and some brandy. Then the rilettes is maintained is cheese cloth and kept in duck fat for another ten days. It will be served for an upcoming Guigal wine dinner.