Pan Fried Onions & Liver

The day begins at dawn as we leave the base camp onwards to an unknown location to search for a breakfast spot. The weather is slightly breezy but we’ve been lucky to have excellent blue skies. The chopper is ready and we are off for breakfast.


There is nothing quite like a wooden fire in a secluded mountain valley. We arrive into a cold valley with a wide view as the sun is blocked by a small mountain peak beside us.


The fire roars with just a few logs given the air’s freshness and we begin to feel our toes.


I settle a skillet over the logs with some onions as they begin to saute we add some morning liver, a typical mountain dish after a hunt.


The cold air is breaking through our jackets and has settled into our bones until we have fire and the valley’s air begins to warm.


The sun rises over us peaking aver our shoulders just above the hill’s crest as we sit back and enjoy a morning breakfast including a few drinks of whiskey and some cold foods.


Heading back to base camp we have a clear view of the Altai pine trees and the scenery around the lake Teletskoye – but before we leave the sun lights up the valley.