Truffle Simplicity

If you are tied to the ropes of an oak tree and you wish to know about what is a good truffle you can only guess. The idea of the perfect truffle doesn’t exist until you slice it and that’s the problem with buying truffle when you are unsure. So we have no other choice but to rely on our sensory senses and sniff away. That’s all a matter of experience and hopefully the truffles are not doctored with some make-up including the 2,4-dithiapentane or you’ll be duped.


So when searching a truffle the first priority is to know where it comes from, the terroir and local. All truffles are effected by their own environment and so you’ll see all kinds of sizes and shapes. Don’t be fooled, so go with your instincts and make sure the truffle you choose has the taste you dream of. And lastly make sure that if you order risotto and it arrives to the table with captivating aromas of the most delicious white truffles – send it back! You’ve been cheated with truffle oil which is 100% chemical and never let anyone tell you differently. Slice truffles only at the table in front of your eyes.