Ram @ Amanbagh Rajasthan

Ram is head chef @ Amanbagh and he is one of those chefs who has an excellent balance between flavour and spice. It is a pleasure to meet chef’s so dedicated to their kitchen and culture. We agree to visit the property and see the fresh products used for the preparation of the hotel’s menu. We wander through the garden and taste garden fresh vegetables on the spot.


His garden is overwhelming with fresh garden produce including edible flowers as we walk through it on our way to a cooking class. The garden here is one of Aman’s commitments to quality at the 40 room hotel situated almost in the middle of nowhere. Honestly its amazing to see such a commitment to variety and quality. That’s if you travelled here by car which is a serious ride from Delhi, or a 2 hours ride from Jaipur. But the travel on India’s roadways can give anyone a headache. But once you arrive here it is a paradise 🙂

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