Wagyu Culotte Cut

It is cut from the cap of the top sirloin as a boneless steak and is one of the best cuts I’ve tried in Japan. The tenderness and the grain of the beef was textural and excellent.


Unfortunately I did not photo the beef after cooking. I do use another sequence of cooking steps which I believe are the best way to achieve coloration. Instead of placing the meat for any extended timeframe into the hot pan, I use some oil to coat the pan’s surface and slightly colour the meat, and not for more than a few flips on all sides. I colour the all sides not to lock in the juices but I want the meat to look consistent.

Cooked at 56-57° C for 56 mins and it was perfectly cooked after being seared with shoyu and mirin,



Then I remove the meat and use some shoyu a good amount and reduce it slightly to concentrate it, and this takes approximately 3 seconds with medium heat. Then I colour the meat on all sides and finish with some aged mirin (above photo) to glaze the meat. I remove it from the meat and I let the meat rest and add my spices, a mixture of pepper, salt and some paprika and turmeric.

The meat is ready to be served.