Scotoni 2040m

There are few hikes that take you to a mountain food Mecca and wine paradise at 2040m but this is one of them. The hike is whatever you make of it, and for locals it’s a simple walk uphill, while for us, it was more of a challenge. But coming down is always more difficult, yet we managed to get back with sore knees to the river below where we tried Kniepp.

The chef owner Christian Agreiter is stationed at his grill with the smoke clouds above his head, while his wife Manuela is serving tables. They are truly wonderful people, positive and working hard to make guests enjoy what I call “awesome” casual down to earth foods. We tried it twice and even tried their kaiserschmarrn, something we’ve tried in the past: it was served with a homemade plum jam – very yummy.

The art of grilling isn’t something everyone can do despite trying. I have had my experience at the BBQ in the mountains and its tough given the air currents, and the smoke that rushes in the air and directly into your eyes.

Chef Christian an ex-extreme Motocross mountain competitor is a master at his working his grill – diligently and swiftly he never stops moving when until all clients are served.

Alpe Lagazuoi 2
San Cassiano 39036
Phone: +39 0471 847330
Fax: +39 0471 847031

Winter Opening: 20.12.16 –
Summer Opening: 17.06.2017 – 01.10.2017

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