Emanuela Fischer @ Viva Mayr Clinic

The inspiration, the dedication of the kitchen staff is the heart and soul of Viva Mayr, and it becomes obvious when you see so many smiling faces in the dinning room. After all if you think about it, the majority of not more of Viva Mayr clients are here because of food issues, food intolerances, which result in inflammation.

The idea of foods that are acid and this that are alkaline such as potato, cold pressed oils, vegetables, herbs, spices, etc. Then those foods that many of us adore but somehow rip us apart, at least on the insides but taste great and are additive. These are; meat, fish, grains, cow dairy, coffee, etc.

I have been to Viva Mayr consistently for the past three years, enjoying the cure and the general ideology. When the cure is talked about by head chef of Viva Mayr Emanuela Fischer it all makes perfect sense.

She is one of those professionals who has transformed herself into a food maven, and  has on her fingers tips all the secrets. The proof is the way I feel after any meal coming out from her kitchen. The turmeric soup made with a fond of turmeric is knock your socks off. I appreciate the use of turmeric because after several trips to India I discovered the magic. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years and is a major part of Ayurveda. This soup is so simple to make yet so perfect, I cannot think of a better soup.

When chefs speak about purity, they often get confused by the idea of bringing too many ingredients together. I find myself in my own kitchen trying to decide if I add onion, or leek or pass them over, and at the same time I contemplate garlic. Its one of those treasures we adore but in general the quality of garlic is more and more produced in China.

The addition of bio oils in Emanuela’s kitchen is just one of her liquids and she uses Hanfol Leinol, Trauben Kern oil, and other oils but her focus seems to be hemp.


In the cure there is no onion and no garlic and the vegetables are mostly root however there is Chef Fischer’s onion substitute and that’s fennel. I watch her work, as she grabs a pinch of salt, and a pinch of her favourite spice nutmeg.


Remember when you arrive to Viva Mayr you are stepping into a vacuum. It’s a place that resembles a hospital in some ways, and in others you feel you are at a top retreat, and mostly because of the cuisine and the lake.

Then come her dips and she is proud of them and she should be. They are made with quark and added are her supplements such as avocado or whatever passes the cure’s test.

I could go on and on about the cure and each one of us who experiences it will agree that the one thing you learn at Viva Mayr aside from the delicious food is how to stop before you are full, and how to eat smaller portions and most of all, how to appreciate the purity of Mother Nature.

But before I forget, what I adore about Emanuela Fischer is her consistency, and her attention to quality raw materials, and I’ll never forget the time she had some local fish delivered and was so proud of the quality, I could easily understand where she was coming from.